Electric surf rental – Electric foil rental – Electric paddle rental


You don’t need pro surfer skills to practice this new watersport. The concept of Electric Surf itself make it easier to learn compare to “classic” surf. It will take you about 3 minutes to master our boards which will give you plenty of time to fully enjoy the surfing session . Electric Surf is suitable for children and adults. All of our boards are controlled through a Bluetooth remote allowing you to control your speed according to your sensations.


Thanks to our different shaped boards, everybody will find the right match! We offer a range of product speeding up from 10 to 35 km/h, thrill guaranteed! For all of you who dreamt one day about flying above water, come and try in exclusivity our « flying board »! In France Takuma electric foil are exclusively available at Electric surf. With this new concept no need to wait for the perfect wave, you can practice on the sea, on a lake, a river… The only limit is your imagination! Whichever board you choose, be sure that it will give you brand new emotions and pleasure.


Electro Surf will offer you a unique and memorable time during your holidays. We know how holidays are an important moment in your life so enjoy it to its maximum and come to get some “electric surf fun” in Fréjus ! Whether you come alone or with family and friends we will make our best to make this moment unforgettable. Alone or Discover a new activity with amazing sensations.